Talisman Energy Inc.

The Client

Talisman Energy is a global, diversified, upstream oil and gas company with a broad portfolio of international opportunities.

The Issue

In February 2010, Talisman acquired exploration concessions within the Baltic Gas Shale play, thus entering the CEE region. Shortly afterwards, Talisman’s London office appointed Exen as preferred language services provider with a view to capitalising on our unparalleled industry-specific expertise and best practices in quality control. Exen was presented with the task of developing and implementing a multilingual content delivery programme fulfilling a multitude of stringent criteria.

Main focus areas:

  • Coordinated project management and delivery of highly technical documentation,
  • Local regulatory compliance,
  • Strict document requirements – emphasis on superior quality and subject matter expertise, turnaround times and data security.

The project involves translation, localisation and development of documentation related to:

  • Prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons,
  • Well completion,
  • Reservoir estimation,
  • 3D seismic data analysis,
  • Drilling operations,
  • Rig assembly and maintenance,
  • HSE performance.

Exen’s Approach

Drawing on our unparalleled energy industry expertise, CEE market entry focus and technical excellence, we carried out an in-depth analysis of documentationrequirements and developed a cohesive plan for delivery of highly complex technical content.

  • Analysis – definition of content types, subject matter areas, project workflows, client-specific terminology and style requirements;
  • Localisation and content development – assembly of project management, production and QA teams; creation of custom glossaries, a style guide and translation memories; centralised project management; ongoing monitoring and improvement of production processes;
  • Quality assurance – accuracy and consistency of translated and localised content ensured through use of a fully documented QA procedure including technical editing, ad-hoc subject matter consultations and in-country client reviews.

The Outcome

Among the benefits Talisman is now seeing are greater clarity in navigating this new environment, an increase in operational cost-effectiveness, the ability to focus on core activities, project scalability and consistent HSE performance throughout the various markets. As a result, high quality technical documentation in multiple languages enables Talisman to better align its exploration activities across borders.

A focus on the quality of documentation and technical excellence makes Talisman a more efficient, adaptive company that can successfully operate through out the CEE region.

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