Copernicus Securities S.A.

The Client

A leading CEE capital markets player, Copernicus Securities S.A. specialises in high-end financial advisory, brokerage and investment management services. The firm offers advice on a full range of M&A transactions, debt and equity financing, trading and investment structuring. Within its brokerage service, Copernicus provides comprehensive market making, sales and trading solutions on a variety of products. Its asset management arm includes diversified investment funds with over EUR 1 billion AUM.

The Issue

In connection with its dynamic expansion, Copernicus seeks to target foreign institutional investors. All of the firm’s financial and IR documentation in English needs to meet global standards concerning quality, subject-specific terminology and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, issues such as increased data security and tight deadlines are of particular importance.

Exen’s Approach

Leveraging Exen’s deep expertise in capital markets, an integrated delivery model and rigorous Quality Assurance procedures, we conducted a thorough analysis of client requirements, which resulted in the development and implementation of a robust document management programme addressing the key areas, including:

  • Investor Relations – the primary objective for selecting Exen as document management partner was to gain credibility in the international investment community. To this end, Exen was tasked with creating English content in the areas of investor relations, public relations and marketing. To implement this long-term, image-enhancing change, we employed a full array of solutions including specialist translation, editing, proofreading, quality management, copywriting and efficient, scalable project management.
  • MiFID – being an investment firm in the EU, Copernicus fully complies with the MiFID directive. The firm’s entire MiFID-related documentation, amounting to over 50 000 words, needed to be localised into English. To further emphasise the importance placed by the client on relations with international investors, after in-depth analysis of the MiFID directive, Exen developed custom client glossaries and a terminology base to ensure that the localised content fully corresponded to the language of global financial markets.
  • IFRS taxonomy – the translation of financial reporting constitutes a significant part of our collaboration with Copernicus. When localising financial statements, we pay particular attention to correct IFRS terminology and clarity. For this reason our experts stay up-to-date with the latest developments in IFRS and maintain updated Translation Memories and subject-specific in-house glossaries. The comparative data resulting from localisation of financial statements in compliance with IFRS taxonomy results in greater transparency and builds trust amongst foreign analysts and investors.
  • Private placements and IPOs – structuring and executing private and public offerings is a particularly complex process, requiring Copernicus and its partners to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines. Localisation of Information Memoranda means translation, editing and proofreading of high-volume financial content within extremely short deadlines and with application of enhanced data security and confidentiality measures.

The Outcome

As a result of our collaboration, Copernicus has redefined its image amongst the global investment community, gaining credibility and increasing the transparency of its operations. As is the case with Copernicus, such thorough change in the approach to professional document and content management results in quantifiable benefits such as:

  • greater capital raising capabilities,
  • lower cost of debt,
  • significantly enhanced relations with foreign-based stakeholders.

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