Marathon Oil Company

The Client

Marathon Oil Corporation is an integrated international energy company engaged in exploration and production, oil sands mining, integrated gas, and refining, marketing and transportation. Marathon holds a 100 percent working interest in 11 concessions in Poland, totalling approximately 2.3 million acres. It is the 4th largest US-based integrated oil and gas company, with 2009 revenues of $53 billion.

The Issue

To establish and run a successful operation in a new environment – Poland, Marathon needed a reliable, quality-focused document solutions provider with industry-specific expertise and CEE market entry know-how. Marathon recognised the need to place particular emphasis on the quality of localised documentation to ensure that a number of challenges inherent to entering a new market were addressed. In developing a localisation programme, some key concerns included:

  • Local stakeholder engagement,
  • Technical documentation,
  • Regulatory compliance,
  • Data security.

Exen’s Approach

Leveraging Exen’s deep expertise in the energy industry, an integrated delivery model and rigorous Quality Assurance procedures, we conducted a thorough analysis of the various objectives and requirements, which resulted in the development and implementation of a comprehensive document management programme addressing the key areas, including:

  • Translation and localisation of highly technical content,
  • Development and validation of subject-specific glossaries,
  • Adaptation of content to particular audiences,
  • Management of highly confidential data.

The Outcome

Marathon now has a tailored, CEE-specific document management programme which meets all of its documentation requirements. Through working with Exen, Marathon is able to:

  • shift focus to core operations,
  • maintain the consistency of its strict corporate governance and environmental stewardship principles in a new market,
  • ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements,
  • efficiently and securely manage mission-critical documentation across locations,
  • strengthen its corporate role within the new community,
  • uphold HSE standards and practices when interacting with in-country suppliers and service providers.

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